hurt feelings

  • “Hurt Feelings” is the first single from I Told You I Was Freaky, the second album from Flight of the Conchords. The song was released digitally through iTunes on February 2, 2009, after the song premiered on the television series, Flight of the Concords, on the previous night.


  • a written document describing the findings of some individual or group; “this accords with the recent study by Hill and Dale”
  • announce as the result of an investigation or experience or finding; “Dozens of incidents of wife beatings are reported daily in this city”; “The team reported significant advances in their research”
  • Give a spoken or written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated
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  • Cover an event or subject as a journalist or a reporter
  • Used to indicate that something has been stated, although one cannot confirm its accuracy

hurt feelings report

hurt feelings report – Hurt Feelings:

Hurt Feelings: Theory, Research, and Applications in Intimate Relationships
Hurt Feelings: Theory, Research, and Applications in Intimate Relationships
Hurt feelings are universal and are present in human beings as well as in animals. These feelings are usually avoided by human beings and overlooked by the scientific and professional mental health communities. Yet, if unresolved and not shared with loved ones and professionals, they tend to fester in our bodies and effect our functioning. If not expressed and shared with caring others, anger, sadness, and fear are at the bottom of mental illness. Developmentally, each of these feelings respectively gives rise to anti-social acts, depression, and severe mental illness. This book suggests that instead of traditional one-on-one, face-to-face, conversation-based interventions, distance writing will allow mental health professionals to assign interactive practice exercises specifically focused on hurt feelings.

I hurt myself today…

I hurt myself today...
…we had a little chat. She wasn’t too keen on her family seeing her like this. The local TV crews have been sneaking up on the street community, trying to get candid shots – but it’s pissing off the street community and making my job harder. Voyeurs and Rubber Neckers – reporting the news – for profit.

She likes photography and I gave her a link to my photos. We both lived in Deadmonton, Alberta – but she was lucky to have only lived there for a short while – unlucky that most of it was on the street. I only lived on the street a short while in Deadmonton.

I wonder how such a pretty girl survives on the street.

*********************** A MESSAGE FROM HARLEY *************************

No real name given


i got this account just so i could contact you and tell you how much i like your photography. I went on here when you told me how i could see some of these photos that day you where taking my picture near the train statio. I happened to have access to a computer a lot since then and was happelly suprised to be able to view all your photos and to see the photos of me. hurt by johnny cash is one of my favorite songs. its kind of surreal to see the picture and the comments about me, but i don’t feel like i was mis repressented and however sad the comments may be i was expecting more of a judgmental, discriminating response, because im used to it.
thanks for letting me see your art, it is a reflection of the life im living and the people and places in my life,
i’ve always love photography, its a good thing for me to be able to see the art i’ve been ignoring and maybe it will push me to face the feelings i have been avoiding and if i can turn them into the art i once did, it may be an outlet for the emotions im afraid to face.

*********************** A MESSAGE FROM HARLEY *************************

hello again. I need to tell how much i love your photography. Most of the street photography litterly hits home for me. I could write a book about a lot of the people and subjects in your pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Also, I appreciate how with the pictures of me you didnt write any bullshit to romantisize my situation or, just the oppisite, anything degrating that would descriminate me, or stereotype me. It didnt take me long to get the impression from your flickr site that your not the type to judge.
Truth is beauty and true beauty is rare. .
i’ve been living at a friends for the last 4 or so months. I’ve been on the computer a lot, trying to staying away from downtown.
A lot of things have happened in my life lately, it seems its always like that. A choatic, yet unstimulizing plot i seem to be in. I’m bored but i’m too tired to keep trying, and struggling to find something to challenge and inspire me in life.
But as i was saying, I’ve been on the computer a lot, just reasearching different things and it would be awesome to stay in contact with you, i dont talk to very many people lately.
and you seem to somebody i could get a long with and somebody whos actually intresting, not fake.
I’m super camera shy, but maybe you’ll be able to catch some more pictures of me . By the way, your daughters a total cutie. I get envious of father-daughter relationships, shes a lucky girl.
xoxoxo harley

*********************** *************************

Harley died yesterday. She was pushed in front of a bus and died in the street.

hurt feelings report

hurt feelings report
found by Lindsay in a book in San Francisco, land of hurt feelings.

hurt feelings report

Hurty Feelings
Fragility was a solid piece of work. But despite her sturdy exterior, Fragility was fragile. Anything and everything hurt her feelings. In the most benign compliment, Fragility heard an insult. No one could even say she looked nice without evoking images of big, squishy cupcakes—since they are also nice—and causing Fragility to flop on the ground and weep. Fragility’s friends stop speaking to her for fear of another fit, but Rudy, a very rude bully, has other ideas. In the face of real insults, will Fragility finally learn to take a compliment?